Since 1981, our vegetable farm has significantly evolved, especially with research and development! We invite you to discover our facilities, which have grown from 172 acres to over 1,000 acres with various buildings for the production, preparation, processing and storage of our leeks, asparagus, squashes, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries!

Our farmland and storage area

Our farmland

We grow leeks, asparagus, squashes and berries on approximately 1,000 acres (nearly 4 square kilometres) of land in Sainte‑Brigitte‑des‑Saults and Saint‑Cyrille‑de‑Wendover. Everything we grow complies with a rigorous integrated management program to preserve the environment and soil balance. We keep fertilizers and insecticides to a minimum to:

  • Respect the environment.
  • Get quality fruits and vegetables.
  • Promote rich organic matter.
  • Ensure sustainable agriculture for future generations.
  • Manage the land responsibly.

Also, on our land, we have installed an underground irrigation and drainage system to bring water to our crops and recover surplus water for future use.

To harvest our leeks, we use our specially designed leek harvester, which cuts off excess leek foliage and brings the leeks to our employees for transport to the farm. 

Our greenhouses

At Les Cultures de chez nous, we have several greenhouses totalling nearly 56,300 square feet (5,230 square metres) to plant our leek seeds in February before they become young shoots that we transfer to our fields. We dedicate almost 50,000 square feet (4,645 square metres) to conventional cultivation and nearly 6,300 square feet (585 square metres) to organic cultivation. We also use our greenhouses to prepare our squash seedlings, which we plant in Sainte‑Brigitte‑des‑Saults.

Our warehouses

Directly on our farm, we have several warehouses to refrigerate our freshly harvested leeks, asparagus and squashes. We also use them to store our prepared vegetables, bags of sliced leeks and leek whites to keep them fresh until they reach your favourite grocery store, and then your plate.

Our preparation and processing plant

Our preparation area

In our preparation and processing plant, we have various facilities for cleaning, trimming and preparing our leeks and asparagus. Our leeks and asparagus are washed and trimmed on our packing lines before being placed in bunches. The leeks are then machine‑tied with our Les Cultures de chez nous orange ties, and placed on pallets for distribution or storage. Our asparagus, meanwhile, are fastened with yellow Aliments du Québec rubber bands so you can recognize it in the grocery store before distribution or storage.

We recover all the trimmings and residues from our fruits and vegetables during processing for our on‑farm composting facilities. We use this compost to fertilize our fields, adding value to our crop residues and minimizing our ecological footprint.

Our processing area

We have a room entirely dedicated to our sliced leeks on the farm site. Here, we wash and slice our leeks to perfection before packaging them in the machine to create our washed and ready‑to‑cook 250 g packages of sliced leeks, which you can find in any grocery store.

Our fruits and vegetables stand

Located next to our Saint‑Cyrille‑de‑Wendover field, our fruits and vegetables stand open during the summer only. It is where you can buy our pre‑picked berries, fruits and vegetables from other local producers (including good Quebec corn!), breads, pies and pastries from businesses around Drummondville and Sainte‑Brigitte‑des‑Saults.

Learn more about Les Cultures de chez nous

Learn more about Les Cultures de chez nous

Learn more about us by discovering our history through the events that have marked Les Cultures de chez nous since our creation in 1981.

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