At Les Cultures de chez nous, we are proud to grow delicious local fruits and vegetables like leek, asparagus, squash, strawberry, raspberry and blueberry in Sainte‑Brigitte‑des‑Saults and Saint‑Cyrille‑de‑Wendover. Learn more about the fruits and vegetables we grow and are so proud of!


Learn more about our specialty: leek! Find out how it is grown, its origins, nutritional values, characteristics and a few statistics that will help you discover this wonderful vegetable.


Learn more about our Quebec asparagus. Find out how it is grown to bring you this sublime Quebec vegetable (seasonal), its nutritional values, origins, characteristics and much more.


Learn more about the varieties of squash we grow. Discover squash in all its glory, with statistics on our production, special characteristics, origins and much more.

Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries

Learn more about our Quebec berries, a summertime delight! Find out how they are grown to bring you sweet, juicy berries all summer long, and learn how to store and freeze them to extend the season.