At Les Cultures de chez nous, we proudly offer you quality fruits and vegetables year-round. Discover our various certifications that guarantee you are buying leeks, asparagus, squashes and berries grown responsibly and produced under the best conditions.

CanadaGAP™ certification

We are CanadaGAP certified and recognized by the Canadian government. It certifies that we apply and comply with food safety programs and various procedures on an ongoing basis for the production, handling and brokering of fresh fruits and vegetables. This certification is also recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This certification applies from the very beginning of our greenhouse fruits and vegetables production right through to harvest.

Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification

We are SQF certified for food safety. It certifies that we comply with the strictest food safety and quality management rules in the primary production, distribution and transportation of fresh fruit and vegetables. SQF standards also apply to the manufacture, storage and transportation of packaging materials for the food industry. This certification applies from the moment our products are harvested through to packaging, preparation, storage and transportation.

Ecocert certification

We are Ecocert certified, which guarantees and promotes the best social and environmental practices. It certifies all aspects of our production and marketing of organic leeks. It also guarantees that we:

  • Use cultivation methods that protect the environment and the climate.
  • Ensure that the soil remains fertile.
  • Make sure we maintain biodiversity.
  • Respect the natural cycles of agriculture.
  • Do not use synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  • Use transparent labelling for the consumer.

This certification guarantees that our leeks identified as organic have been grown according to strict organic standards.