Since the creation of our vegetable farm Les Cultures de chez nous, we have had a deep respect for the environment that surrounds us. Learn more about what we do daily to respect nature, manage the land responsibly and ensure sustainable agriculture for future generations.

Cultivation with as few added products as possible and organic leeks

Every day, we grow our fruits and vegetables using agronomic methods that minimize pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers. The quality of our fruits and vegetables is essential. We want the leeks, asparagus, squashes and berries you eat to be as fresh, tasty and healthy as possible. We have also developed an organic leeks production that is still growing yearly.

Water management

Water is also a crucial element in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. To ensure responsible water management in our fields, we have installed an underground irrigation and drainage system that allows us to water our crops when necessary.

Environmental management and recycling of organic materials

To use our land responsibly, we regularly rotate various crops in our fields to improve the health and quality of our soils, and enhance soil biodiversity. We also use green fertilizers for our crops, and have various flower strips throughout the farm to maintain a habitat favourable to the development and maintenance of insects and animals that promote healthy agriculture.

We also have several beehives on the farm to ensure the pollination of our flowering fruits and vegetables, such as squash, strawberry, raspberry and blueberry.

We have to prune certain parts to prepare our asparagus and leeks for retail sale. To minimize our ecological footprint, we retrieve all the trimmings and plant residues from our crops and make our compost directly on the farm. We then use this compost to fertilize our fields naturally while enhancing the richness of the organic matter.

Learn more about our facilities

Learn more about our facilities

Learn more about Les Cultures de chez nous by discovering the facilities that characterize our vegetable farm, from the land to our on‑site processing plant!

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