Les Cultures de Chez Nous facilities

Since the founding of the business, research and development (R&D) pertaining to the cultivation of leeks and asparagus has played an important role in the development of the installations, notably in Les Cultures de Chez Nous’ environmental commitment. The team called upon engineering know-how to improve production processes, product variety and the automation of daily tasks.  Today, from harvesting to packaging, the processing plant and production line are specifically adapted to the cultivation of leeks and asparagus so that Les Cultures de Chez Nous can offer you both quality and quantity.

700 acres of land

Les Cultures de Chez Nous’ 700 acres of land respects the integrated program for environmental protection and soil balance conservation. At the farm, the use of fertilizers and insecticides is kept to a minimum in order to:

  • improve the quality of the products
  • encourage the richness of organic matter
  • ensure a sustainable agriculture for future generations
  • manage the soil in a responsible manner

The Irrigation and underground drainage system

2700 m2 greenhouse

The greenhouses are where the leek plants are initially grown prior to transplanting in the fields in the springtime

Refrigerated storehouse

The refrigerated storehouses make it possible to keep bulk or processed leek and asparagus products fresh.

Sophisticated sliced leek processing plant

The sophisticated processing plant slices, cuts and packages the leeks

Leek and asparagus production lines

The production line washes the leeks and asparagus

Leek harvester

Directly from France, this machine harvests and trims the excess leaves from the leeks

Strapping machines

The strapping machines tie the leeks into bunches of 3 to 6  or 6 to 12 units.

Composting method

The composting method  is Les Cultures de chez Nous’ latest R&D project making it possible to :

  • recycle vegetable waste matter
  • Minimize the farm’s  ecological footprint
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The leek is much more than just soup and has become very popular in our modern kitchen. Use it as a vegetable or as a condiment.
Sliced leeks