Buying, preparing and preserving leeks

Always select leeks that are straight and firm, with green leaves and free of brown spots. Leeks that are soft and have dry discolored leaves are not recommended.

Leeks can be kept in the refrigerator for about two weeks. It is not necessary to blanche them before freezing but slicing before freezing is strongly recommended. Frozen, they can be kept for five months. To preserve their full flavor, it is best to cook them without thawing.

Leeks should be cleaned carefully to eliminate any earth or sand that may be trapped between the leaves. Leeks require only a brief cooking cycle because if overcooked they become soft and pasty.

Using leeks

The leeks are an excellent replacement for onions, shallots and even garlic and you can accompany them with the dressing of your choice. Leeks lend a perfect aroma to quiches, crêpes, fine pizzas, spaghetti sauce, all types of soups, potatoes au gratin etc. In short, when you cook, go totally leeks!

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Did you know that
The leek is much more than just soup and has become very popular in our modern kitchen. Use it as a vegetable or as a condiment.
Sliced leeks