Awards & certifications


Canada GAP certification

The Canada GAP certification is intended for producers, packagers and storehouse keepers of horticultural produce who apply the on-farm food safety programs and respect the SAF guidelines.


Les Cultures de Chez Nous wins the Desjardins Entrepreneurs prize.

Les Cultures de Chez Nous is proud to have been awarded the coveted 2013 Desjardins Entrepreneurs prize for the agricultural category.

The Moisson d'Or-2012 Award

This award is solely for an individual or an agricultural business that is a member of the AJMQ (Quebec Association of Market Gardeners).

Eligibility criteria:

  • Extraordinary involvement in the horticultural field and strong contribution to the development of this sector;
  • Innovative marketing efforts or demonstration of an accurate development vision in the short or long term for our industry;
  • Demonstrating business integrity based on the respect of clients and peers over time with distinction;
  • A leader in the field of horticulture, with a distinctive ability to adapt to this rapidly evolving sector.

It is with great pride that Les Cultures de chez nous has won the prestigious Moisson d'Or Award from the Association des jardiniers maraîchers du Québec (Québec Association of Market Gardeners).

The Sainte-Brigitte-des-Saults family business has been recognized by the Association for its contribution to the development of the vegetable industry with innovative marketing efforts. Les Cultures de chez nous has always demonstrated a true business vision – for today and for the long run – and has quickly adapted to the rapidly changing horticultural field.

Gagnants Prix Moisson d'or

Jean-Desjardins prize – 2012

The Jean-Desjardins prize is awarded annually by the Fédération des producteurs maraîchers du Québec, to a grower or a group of growers that excels in productivity, participates actively in collective marketing and contributes to the advancement of technology.

Mention de la relève féminine de l’ONMA – 2011

Valerie Jutras, the oldest daughter of Mr. Jutras and Ms. Rajotte was awarded the ONMA mention de la relève feminine. This prize is awarded to a woman whose parents have distinguished themselves through their efforts to encourage her interest in the agricultural business and to eventually take over.

Ordre national du mérite agricole (ONMA) – 2011, 1996 et 1991

The Government of Quebec’s ONMA competition, dedicated solely to agricultural businesses, recognizes the know-how and work accomplished by professionals in the field and also aims at encouraging the development of a dynamic and innovative agri-food industry. Les Cultures de Chez Nous was awarded a regional first place and a national second place in 2011 as well as two bronze medals, one in 1996 and the other in 1991.

Gerbe d’or laureat in the youth category – 1985

In collaboration with the Ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec, the  Bal des Moissons first prize was awarded to Les Cultures de Chez Nous in 1985, a recognition which really helped the business to grow after only four years of existence.

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