Cultivating asparagus

There are over 300 species of asparagus but only  twenty-odd  are edible. In Quebec, They are divided into three groups: green, white and violet. Two or three  of the green varieties exist In Quebec.

Asparagus is a perennial and the life of an asparagus plantation may be up to twenty years. Consequently, it is important to choose its location and prepare the soil carefully the year before planting. Asparagus is best planted in sandy, well drained soil.

At Les Cultures de Chez Nous,  new plantations  are  started using ready to plant asparagus roots started from seed a year earlier. The seed, once in the soil, establishes roots which, when developed must be replanted deeper in the ground. From the adult root grows a stem referred to as a spear, the edible part of the plant.

Once the root is planted, it takes two years before producing an asparagus of suitable calibre. The first two years, the plant develops and matures. After two years it produces for about 10 days and for 20 to 25 days after four years. Finally, the plant reaches full maturity after five years and produces for about 35 days after which it produces a beautiful leaf structure of used in landscaping. The harvesting of asparagus is seasonal, starting around May 10th and finishing about a month and a half later.

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