Les Cultures de Chez Nous harvests 50,000 pounds of asparagus a year.  The company also prepares and markets this vegetable for a dozen asparagus producers in the Mauricie and
Centre-du-Quebec regions, bringing to market an average of 450, 000 pounds annually. 
Les Cultures de Chez Nous is, as a result,Quebec’s most important supplier of asparagus.

Les Cultures de Chez Nous asparagus is available in the following formats :

  • Format no.1 : Boxes of 20 lb.  (9.07 kg)
  • Format  no. 1 : Boxes of 28 lb.  (12.07 kg)
    (This is the format most commonly found in most supermarkets.)
  • Format no. 2 : Tips partly open sold in boxes of 20 lb  (9.07 kg)
  • Format no. 3 : Fines (5 to 10 mm in diameter) sold in boxes of 20 lb  (9.07 kg)
  • Format no. 4 :  Tips (15 cm length) sold in boxes of 20 lb or 5 kg
  • BBQ format :  Large asparagus sold in boxes of 11 lb (5 kg)

The asparagus are double tied to facilitate handling. A bar code or PLU can be added.
It is also possible to obtain asparagus packaged in micro-porous bags which prevents handling damage and allows better hygiene as well as longer shelf life.

Asparagus harvesting is seasonal, commencing around May 10th and ending about one and a half months later, depending on the weather. Les Cultures de Chez Nous cultivates 15 acres of asparagus and harvests up to twice a day during hot periods. The asparagus is delivered to Montreal and Quebec daily in refrigerated trucks.

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