Desjardins Entrepreneurs Awards
Cultures de chez nous wins the Desjardins Entrepreneur Awards

Les Cultures de Chez Nous :
Supplier and distributor of leeks and asparagus

Did you know that, during the winter months, Les Cultures de Chez Nous fresh leeks are stored in our vast cold rooms where they easily keep for three months? That’s how the company is able to provide you with fresh Quebec grown leeks until the month of February. After that, Les Cultures de Chez Nous imports fresh leeks from France.

Les Cultures de Chez Nous also supplies and distributes whole asparagus, bulk, in bags
or in boxes

Finally, consumers are welcome to come and pick their own berries on the farm : strawberries, rasberries and blueberries to treat the whole family.

Moisson d'Or Award 2012 

It is with great pride that Les Cultures de chez nous has won the prestigious Moisson d'Or Award from the Association des Jardiniers Maraîchers du Québec (Québec Association of Market Gardeners).

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Did you know that
The leek is much more than just soup and has become very popular in our modern kitchen. Use it as a vegetable or as a condiment.
Sliced leeks